Coverage & Development Rights FAQs

Marketable Rights FAQs

Who regulates marketable rights?

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is the bi-state regulatory agency that regulates marketable rights to reduce environmental degradation to Lake Tahoe.

How does California Tahoe Conservancy Land Bank Program fit in?

The California Tahoe Conservancy is a non-regulatory agency that operates the Land Bank Program on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding and the TRPA’s rules & regulations.

What my IPES or Bailey score?

The IPES and Bailey systems were designed by the TRPA.  For more information, please visit

Am I eligible to transfer additional land coverage or marketable rights to my parcel?

Depending upon the type of project, it may be possible to transfer additional rights.  Contact the TRPA at or (775) 588-4547 and view the TRPA’s Code of Ordinances for more information.

Do I have to buy coverage from the Conservancy?

No, you can purchase coverage from any party, if your property meets all development regulations.  If you choose to buy coverage from a private party, this transfer is processed by the TRPA.  Regardless, all coverage transfers must comply with two rules:

1) The TRPA’s Rule of Relative Sensitivity: coverage must be transferred from a more sensitive parcel to a less sensitive parcel. (Example:  The “sending” parcel has an IPES score of 700.  The “receiving” parcel must have an IPES score of >700.)

2) The sending & receiving parcels must be located within the same hydrologic area. (map link)

When should I apply for coverage or other marketable rights with the Conservancy?

Please contact the Conservancy before planning your project to determine availability.  After planning your project, submit your final plans to the building department and apply to the Conservancy.

How long will it take to buy land coverage?

The process could take four weeks to six months after submitting final plans to the building department.  The term varies depending upon plan accuracy, building department/Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) review, and Conservancy timelines.

How long will it take to buy other types of marketable rights?

Transactions usually take four to six months, but could take longer depending upon circumstances stated above.