Environmentally Sensitive Land Acquisition

The California Tahoe Conservancy acquires environmentally sensitive land from willing sellers for public access, water quality, and wildlife protection. The Conservancy owns nearly 4,700 parcels comprising around 6,500 acres. Approximately 4,300 of these parcels are environmentally sensitive.

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Ownership comprises: 1) mostly subdivision-sized parcels, and 2) several large-acreage parcels. The Conservancy also exchanged land with other public agencies for better management.

Current Acquisition Priorities

The Conservancy bases its acquisition priorities on funding, eligibility, and location. The first priority is acquiring environmentally sensitive land in undeveloped subdivisions. Development in such “roadless” neighborhoods would create environmental damage. If interested, please review:

If your parcel is eligible for our program, the Conservancy will order an appraisal, preliminary title report, and on-site inspection at no cost to you.