Blackwood Creek

Water Quality & Watersheds

The Lake’s famed clarity and pristine environment is the focus of the Conservancy’s mission. In order to preserve this environment, it is important that we approach our mission from the watershed perspective. While the clarity of the Lake can be measured using the Secchi disk, it is the overall health of the watershed that impacts the results. To improve the watershed’s health the Conservancy involves other partners and stakeholders and addresses water quality and watershed health by looking for multiple benefits that can be achieved within the smaller sub-watersheds of the Lake. In addition, we look to learn from science that is constantly evolving and use adaptive management to address the changes that nature continually presents.

The Conservancy has three areas that it uses as the focus for its watershed approach – Watersheds and Stream Environment Zone (SEZ) Restoration, Wildlife Enhancement, and Stormwater Quality. The Watersheds and Stream Environment Zone program looks to preserve, restore and enhance the Basin’s streams and riparian areas. Wildlife Enhancement concentrates on restoring and enhancing the many different wildlife habitats within the Basin that have been fragmented by the development that has occurred. Stormwater Quality works to improve the water quality of urban runoff with a particular emphasis on removing fine sediment.