Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change now affects everything in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Climate scientists project increasingly common weather extremes that will transform Tahoe, with impacts on lake clarity, natural resources, communities, and the economy. Climate change has already affected Conservancy facilities and restoration projects, and will continue to challenge how the Conservancy implements its mission in the future.

The Conservancy’s strategic plan includes a goal to foster Basinwide climate change adaptation and sustainable communities. To achieve this goal, the Conservancy focuses on four areas:

  1. Developing the Lake Tahoe Climate Adaptation Action Portfolio (CAAP)
    The CAAP is an integrated initiative to accelerate how resource management, infrastructure, and economy adapt to climate change in the Basin. The CAAP encompasses natural resources, public health and safety, recreation, infrastructure, and the economy and is being developed and implemented in partnership with peer agencies and stakeholders. The first part of the portfolio assesses the Basin’s vulnerability to climate change impacts, while the action portfolio will specify agency commitments to adaptation projects and programs.
  2. Providing grants to support climate change adaptation
    The Conservancy uses available funding to accomplish its mission and Strategic Plan by providing grants to Basin partners for planning, implementation, monitoring, and technical assistance.
  3. Adapting the Conservancy’s own programs
    The Conservancy is adapting its own programs and land management to changing climate conditions by integrating climate science and economics throughout its work.
  4. Engaging partners and collaborating with scientists
    The Conservancy will continue to coordinate California state agency adaptation planning and investments in the Basin, and collaborate with scientists and researchers to advance science that supports restoration and adaptation.

Integrated Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Climate change is amplifying the background stressors on natural resources, infrastructure, and communities in the Lake Tahoe Basin (Basin). Land managers and policy-makers are increasing the Basin’s resilience and ability to adapt. Doing this now protects people and nature, and saves money. The Integrated Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change in the Lake Tahoe Basin provides residents, visitors, businesses, and public agencies with state-of-the-art information on how patterns of temperature and precipitation will change, and how these patterns will affect the things people care about. The common scenarios and analyses provided will help public agencies and stakeholder organizations anticipate climate change implications, and better design and maintain their future projects that improve the quality of life, land, and waters in Tahoe.


Integrated Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change in the Lake Tahoe Basin [PDF 4MB]

Technical Memos [PDF 2MB]

  • Lake Tahoe Vulnerability Assessment
  • Aquatic Resources Vulnerability Assessment
  • Watershed Hydrology & Streamflow Vulnerability Assessment
  • High-Elevation Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment
  • Low-Elevation Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment
  • Soil Moisture & Infiltration Vulnerability Assessment
  • Forest Biological Diversity Vulnerability Assessment
  • Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Vulnerability Assessment
  • Riparian and Aspen Ecosystems Vulnerability Assessment
  • Meadow Ecosystems Vulnerability Assessment
  • Wildlife Connectivity Vulnerability Assessment
  • Public Health Vulnerability Assessment
  • Washoe Cultural Resources Vulnerability Assessment
  • Lake Tahoe Surface Elevation Projections
  • Recreation Resources Vulnerability Assessment
  • Lake Tahoe Basin Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Additional documents available by request

  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Infrastructure Systems in the Lake Tahoe Basin Project
  • Climate Change Adaptation Actions Assessment and Potential Performance Measures for Built Infrastructure in the Tahoe Basin
  • Tahoe Basin Adaptation Assessment: Economic Analysis
  • Tahoe Basin Vulnerability Assessment: Economic Analysis

Request copies of these additional documents. (Documents are unavailable on the website because of document size and accessibility limitations).