How to Purchase Land Coverage and Other Development Rights

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Code of Ordinances provides the official policy regarding development rights and land coverage in the Lake Tahoe Basin. 

Step 1. Find your parcel’s information.

Visit the TRPA website

Is your project on a residential lot developed before July 1, 1987?
Search for your Bailey Land Capability score.

Is your project on a residential, undeveloped lot, or one developed after July 1, 1987? 
Search for your Individual Parcel Evaluation System (IPES) score.

Is your project commercial? 
Search for your Bailey Capability Land score.

Step 2. Review the Conservancy’s Prices and Forms

Review the Land Coverage and Development Rights Prices and Forms to find information and pricing that matches your proposed project.

Step 3. Contact the Conservancy Land Bank

Email or phone (530) 542-5580.

Timing to Process Land Bank Transactions

Please allow up to eight weeks for the Conservancy to process Land Bank transactions.

Land Coverage and Development Rights

The California Tahoe Conservancy’s Land Bank Program acquires and restores property. For a small portion of the Conservancy’s restored properties, the parcel’s related land coverage and development rights may then be sold and transferred to eligible buyers. The program helps landowners meet TRPA permitting requirements to build in appropriate areas.

Example: Auto wrecking yard in meadow. Acquired, removed, and restored.

Auto wrecking yard before and after restoration

Land Bank Contact

Email questions to or call (530) 543-6033.