California Environmental Quality Act Requirements

If you wish to purchase land coverage, low capability restoration credits, or other marketable rights from the Conservancy’s Land Bank, and your project requires an environmental document as described above, please be aware that the Conservancy Board must approve the sale of the requested rights at a public meeting along with adoption of the environmental document.  The Conservancy Board meets four times per year.

Conservancy staff needs the following items from you in an electronic format, at least 10 weeks prior to the Conservancy Board meeting if adoption of an environmental document is required:

  • Signed Initial Study (IS)/Environmental Checklist (EC) describing the project and the potential transfer of rights, and identifying the potential environmental impacts associated with the project and the transfer of these rights;
  • Draft Negative Declaration (ND), Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), or EIR;
  • Copies of all written comments to the publicly circulated IS/EC, Negative Declaration, or EIR, along with the response to all comments;
  • Final Environmental Document: ND, MND, or certified EIR with the date local government approved the project and adopted the environmental document;
  • Filed Notice of Determination (NOD), stamped by the Recorder-Clerk’s office or the State Clearinghouse, and posted at least 30-days prior to the proposed Conservancy Board meeting date;
  • Signed filing receipt documenting the payment of required fees to the Department of Fish & Wildlife;
  • Complete Land Coverage or Select Marketable Rights Application Form;
  • Copy of the most current vesting deed for your project area (i.e., the owner of the property);
  • Most recent version of site plans with all land coverage calculations;
  • Evidence of submittal to local building jurisdiction;
  • Evidence of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) allocation (if applicable);
  • Evidence of final Individual Parcel Evaluation System (IPES) score or Bailey Land Capability (LCV) for your project;
  • Non-refundable administrative transaction fee ($350 or $800 depending on transaction), made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy; and
  • $2,500 non-refundable environmental document review fee made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy.