Board Documents | June 2024

Documents for the June 20, 2024 meeting of the California Tahoe Conservancy Board

Staff Recommendations, Updates, and Related Documents

(All documents are PDFs)

2a. Approval of April Minutes (action) (Resolution 24-06-01)

3. 2024-2029 Strategic Plan Adoption (action) (Resolution 24-06-02)

4. Washoe Tribal Liaison Grant (action) (Resolution 24-04-03)

5. Lake Tahoe Region Aquatic Invasive Species Update (discussion only)

6. New Zealand Mudsnail Surveillance (action) (Resolution 24-06-04)

7. Bijou Park Creek Watershed Restoration Project License Agreements and Easement (action) (Resolution 24-06-05)

8. Apple Valley Minor Boundary Line Adjustment (action) (Resolution 24-06-06)

9. Knox Johnson and Motel 6 Restoration Project Planning (action) (Resolution 24-06-07)

10. Program Authorization (action) (Resolution 24-06-08)

11. Executive Director’s Report

15. Site Tour (discussion only)

The cover of the board book for the June 2024 meeting of the California Tahoe Board, featuring an aerial view of the Upper Truckee River and floodplain at the Knox Johnson and Motel 6 property.