Upper Truckee Marsh Dog Closure

The seasonal closure protects wildlife such as red-winged blackbirds during their breeding season.

Photo of Red-Winged-Blackbird

Photo courtesy of alllaboutbirds.org


Seasonal dog closure area at the Upper Truckee MarshFrequently Asked Questions

When is the seasonal dog closure?

The Upper Truckee Marsh is closed to dogs from May 1 through July 31.

Why is there a seasonal dog closure?

The Conservancy manages the Upper Truckee Marsh for the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat to a non-degradation standard. To date, compliance with the leash law has not been sufficient to maintain a non-degradation standard. Off leash dogs do not always stay on the beach or trail, and often run free in sensitive areas that endanger wildlife.

In July 2010, after nearly a decade of monitoring showing that compliance with leash laws had not been sufficient to meet management objectives, the Conservancy Board authorized the seasonal dog closure.

Will the seasonal dog closure be ongoing?

The closure is seasonal from May 1 – July 31, which encompasses the critical wildlife breeding season. The Board may consider alternative management strategies in the future.

Is the Conservancy allowed to limit the use of public land?

Yes, the Conservancy manages this particular property for wildlife habitat enhancement, and use of the property must be consistent with this objective.

Do other Conservancy properties have seasonal dog closures?

No, of nearly 4,700 Conservancy-owned properties this is the only one currently subject to this type of closure.

Under what authority is the seasonal dog closure put into effect?

The Conservancy’s enabling legislation authorizes the agency to manage lands under its ownership. The Conservancy Board approved Resolution 10-07-06 in July 2010 implementing the seasonal dog closure. Dogs are managed pursuant to South Lake Tahoe City Code.

Who will be enforcing the seasonal dog closure?

The California Highway Patrol provides enforcement of South Lake Tahoe City Code. Conservancy staff also monitors for compliance and alerts law enforcement as necessary.

Is Cove East closed to dogs?

Cove East remains open to year-round leashed access. See map for more details.

Where can I take my dog off leash/to the water?

  • Bijou Dog Park
  • Regan Beach Dog Area
  • Kiva Beach

Is the seasonal dog closure related to future restoration?

The seasonal dog closure is put into effect under the Conservancy’s current management responsibilities, and is not dependent upon the proposed restoration project.

View map of the seasonal closure area

For more information call the California Tahoe Conservancy at (530) 542-5580.