Special Use

Overview of Special Uses

A “special use” involves the grant of a license or other permission to a public entity or private party to use Conservancy land. The Conservancy classifies special uses based on the duration as outlined below:

Temporary Use:

  • Use of Conservancy land lasts five (5) days or less.
  • Use is granted pursuant to a license agreement.
  • Use may require California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis and Conservancy Board authorization.

Short Term Use:

  • Use of Conservancy land lasts more than five (5) days but less than three (3) years.
  • Use is granted pursuant to a license agreement.
  • Use may require CEQA analysis and Conservancy Board authorization.

Long Term Use:

  • Use of Conservancy land lasts three (3) years or more, but is not permanent.
  • Use is granted pursuant to a license agreement.
  • Use may require sale if land is rendered unusable by use or improvement.
  • Use requires prior CEQA analysis and Conservancy Board authorization.

Special Use Request Application Process

In order to receive a Special Use license, lease, or easement from the Conservancy, all applicants must complete a Special Use Request Application. Applications are accepted at any time. Special Uses are granted on a first come, first served basis and may be requested up to one (1) year in advance. The Conservancy may take up to thirty (30) days to review the application for completeness and up to ninety (90) days for processing from the date of receipt of a complete application. Applications may not be considered if submitted less than fourteen (14) business days from date of event.

A special use request may require environmental review and Conservancy Board approval depending on the nature of the activity (i.e. the environmental impact and duration). If environmental review or Conservancy Board approval is required plan accordingly since Conservancy Board Meetings are typically held four to six times per year. Special Use reservations are not guaranteed until signed compliance documents and full payment of all fees are received

To apply for a special use request of Conservancy land, an application form must be completed and returned to the Conservancy with all required attachments. If it is determined that the incorrect application was submitted, the Conservancy will ask for resubmittal of the correct application.

Please allow up to eight weeks for the Conservancy to process your special use request and determine if the request meets our guidelines.

The special use application forms and guidelines are located here:

Temporary Use Application

Short Term Use Application

Long Term Use Application

Special Use Guidelines

Completeness of Application

Special use requests will not be considered until all the required information requested in the Special Use Request Application has been provided. The applicant must prepare and provide all necessary documents applicable to the proposed use or activity. All project details, including, but not limited to, maps, list of needed permits, and reasonable or feasible alternative justification must be submitted with the application. Liability Insurance is generally required. The Conservancy will need to be listed as additional insured on all special use requests lasting longer than five days and of a hazardous nature.

Fees associated with Special Uses

The Conservancy may charge for use of property including recovery of the reasonable cost of providing its Staff services related to the issuance of the License or Special use Permit.

The use of State property for commercial filming (motion picture and still photography) is evaluated pursuant to Government Code Sections 14998 and 14999) as is entitled to a “one stop” expedited permitting.

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