Meeting Documents – September 17, 2020 Conservancy Board meeting

Documents for the September 17, 2020 meeting of the California Tahoe Conservancy Board  

Staff Recommendations, Updates, and Related Documents

Item 2a. Approval of Minutes 

 Item 2b. Approval of Board Agenda 

 Item 2c. Lake Tahoe Airport Fence Long-Term License Agreement 

Item 2d. Lake Tahoe Airport Power Line Long-Term License Agreement 

 Item 2e. Phase 2 of the California State Parks Fuel Reduction and Understory Burning Project 

 Item 2f. Environmentally Sensitive Land Acquisition 

 Item 3. Executive Director’s Report 

 Item 5. Watershed Hydrosimulations Grant 

 Item 6Proposition 68 Forestry Grants 

 Item 7. Conservancy Tahoe Livable Communities Program Update 

 Item 10a. Potential Agenda Items for the December Board Meeting 

Virtual Tours

Tahoe Pines Restoration and Public Access Project

Phases 1b and 2 of the South Tahoe Greenway Shared Use Trail

Upper Truckee Marsh Restoration Project