Board Documents | April 2024

Documents for the April 16, 2024 meeting of the California Tahoe Conservancy Board

Staff Recommendations, Updates, and Related Documents

2. Executive Director’s Report

3a. Approval of December Minutes (action) (Resolution 24-04-01)

3b. Approval of February Minutes (action) (Resolution 24-04-02)

3c. North Lake Tahoe Public Utility Districts Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Grant Award (action) (Resolution 24-04-03)

5. Annual Report (discussion only)

6. 2024-2029 Strategic Plan Development Update (discussion only)

7. Proposed Regulations on the Use of Conservancy Land (action) (Resolution 24-04-04)

8. North Tahoe Shared-Use Trail – Segment 1 (action) (Resolution 24-04-05)

9. Environmentally Sensitive Land Acquisition (action) (Resolution 24-04-06)

10. Forestry Funding Authorization (action) (Resolution 24-04-07)

People biking and rolling over the bridge on the Dollar Creek Shared-Use Trail in Placer County.