Upper Truckee River Workshop

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Upper Truckee River:

Although 63 streams enter Lake Tahoe, nearly 40% of the water is contributed by the Upper Truckee River (UTR) alone. The River drains one of the Basin’s largest and most impacted watersheds, discharging more than 2400 tons of sediment and nutrients into the Lake every year. Fine sediment remains suspended and drastically decreases the Lake’s renowned clarity.

Collaborative Effort:

Conservancy staff hosted a workshop focused on the Upper Truckee River Restoration Strategy to evaluate the current restoration strategy for the UTR and determine ways it can be improved and adapted. The workshop was coordinated in conjunction with US Forest Service, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, California State Parks, the City of South Lake Tahoe, and the Tahoe Science Consortium.

Independent Panel Findings:

Panel Key Findings

Josh Collins

Bill Christner

Jeanette Howard

Laurel Saito

Doug Larson



Public Meeting Notice


Project Tour Directions/Map

Upper Truckee River Draft Strategy Document

Project Map (shown left)

Panel Questions

Panel speakers



2nd Nature Riparian Ecosystem Restoration Framework

Swanson 2004 Upper Reach Environmental Assessment

Swanson 2003 Middle Reach Report

Issue Papers

Envision Analysis of UTR Restoration Strategy – CDM Smith

USFS Blackwood Creek Draft Monitoring Report

USFS Cookhouse Effectiveness Monitoring Report

Turbidity Measurements for Determination of Sediment Source and Retention in River and Marsh Environments

UTR Turbidity Study, by Russ Wigart

Critical Evaluation of How the Rosgen Classification and Associated “Natural Channel Design” Methods Fail to Integrate and Quantify Fluvial Process and Channel Response

Design for Stream Restoration

Retention of Suspended Sediment and Phosphorus on a Freshwater Delta, South Lake Tahoe, California

The Coming Megafloods


California State Parks Upper Truckee River: http://www.restoreuppertruckee.net

TRPA EIP: https://www.trpa.gov/default.aspx?tabindex=11&tabid=227

Lahontan Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL): http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/lahontan/water_issues/programs/tmdl/lake_tahoe/index.shtml

USFS UTR Reach 5 Documents: http://www.fs.usda.gov/goto/ltbmu/UpperTruckeeRestoration

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Stuart Roll (530) 543-6031