California Tahoe Conservancy Seeks Public Input on Meyers Area “Asset Lands”

Published: Jul 24, 2019

Meyers, Calif.—July 24, 2019—The California Tahoe Conservancy (Conservancy) seeks public input on how its nine Meyers-area “asset lands” could help improve the Meyers community.

The Conservancy invites the public to join a tour of the properties at 9 am on August 21, 2019, and then to join a meeting of the Conservancy Board immediately following the tour at the California Conservation Corps Tahoe Center auditorium in Meyers.

The Conservancy Board designated nine parcels located around the intersection of U.S. Highways 50 and 89 in Meyers as “asset lands” in March 2014 (view map). Of the Conservancy’s nearly 4,700 properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin (Basin), the Conservancy has identified a total of 17 properties as asset lands that could support sustainable compact development consistent with local area or town center plans and the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan. The Regional plan and Basin area plans prioritize redevelopment in existing town centers to decrease development pressure on environmentally sensitive lands while fostering more walkable, bikeable communities.

Unlike most of the Conservancy’s properties, which were typically acquired to prevent development on environmentally sensitive lands, asset lands include properties acquired through litigation settlements, lands acquired to accumulate development rights to facilitate environmental projects, “bulk acquisitions” of both environmentally sensitive and developable lands, and other lands that may no longer be suitable for their original acquisition purpose.

The nine Meyers asset lands could potentially help implement various elements of the Meyers Area Plan, including affordable housing, mixed-use development, bike, pedestrian and transit circulation, recreational access, and environmental conservation goals. The Meyers asset lands can be identified by the following nine El Dorado County Assessment Numbers (ANs):

  • ANs 034-331-015 and 023 – located at 3131 and 3121 U.S. Highway 50;
  • ANs 035-261-004 and 034-300-025, 026, 027, and 028 – with no current address but fronting U.S. Highway 50, 89/Luther Pass Road, and Pomo Street; and
  • ANs 035-261-005 and 006 – located at 961 and 945 Pomo Street.

At its upcoming August 21 public meeting, the Conservancy Board will consider authorizing staff to conduct asset land due diligence activities on the nine parcels identified above. Due diligence activities may include appraisals, inspections, initial real estate discussions, and potential partnerships with other public agencies. Such activities typically take up to a year or longer. Following the due diligence process, the Conservancy Board would make any final decisions on future actions for the asset lands.

The Conservancy will consider selling or transferring parcels only when they are not needed to achieve conservation or recreation goals, or when State ownership is no longer necessary to achieve the goals of the original acquisition. The Conservancy works with public and private partners to maximize public benefits from the disposition of its asset lands.

Public Tour and Meeting Details

  • Meyers Asset Lands Tour
    The tour will start at approximately 9 am on August 21 at the California Conservation Corps Tahoe Center, 1949 Apache Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, California 96150. No Board action will be taken during the tour. The Conservancy invites members of the public to attend the tour but participants must provide their own transportation.
  • California Tahoe Conservancy Board meeting
    After the tour, the meeting will continue at approximately 11 am the California Conservation Corps Tahoe Center, 1949 Apache Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, California 96150.

Please contact Kevin Prior, the Conservancy’s Chief Administrative Officer at (530) 543-6016, or Aimee Rutledge at (530) 307-3380, with any questions.

Media Contact: Chris Carney, Communications Director, California Tahoe Conservancy, (530) 543-6057,

Map of the Meyers area asset lands [PDF]


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