Tahoe Valley Area Plan Asset Lands Pre-Sale Notice

Published: May 02, 2016

South Tahoe Asset Lands

The California Tahoe Conservancy Board will consider a recommendation at the September 15, 2016 Board meeting to authorize pre-sale activities on four previously designated, Conservancy-owned asset land parcels in the City of South Lake Tahoe. The four parcels (El Dorado County APNs 023-171-09, 023-481-17, 032-291-31, 032-291-28) are located within the recently adopted Tahoe Valley Area Plan.

The Conservancy works with public and private partners to maximize public benefits from the disposition of these asset lands, including environmental, sustainable communities, and state, regional and local planning goals. The Conservancy is working closely with the City of South Lake Tahoe and the community at large to maximize walkable, bikeable, and environmentally sustainable areas on and around these parcels. Specific goals include helping to implement the Tahoe Valley Area Plan Greenbelt, water quality projects, and placement of permanent conservation easements over sensitive areas on these asset lands.

The September 15, 2016 Board meeting will begin at 9:30am with the Asset Lands Tour, departing from the Conservancy offices at 1061 Third Street, South Lake Tahoe. After breaking for lunch at 11:30am, the Board meeting will continue starting at 1:00 pm at the Lahontan Annex Hearing Room located at 971 Silver Dollar Avenue, South Lake Tahoe.

Please contact Kevin Prior, Chief Administrative Officer at 530-543-6016 or Aimee Rutledge at 530-307-3380 with any questions.

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