Request for Proposals: Recreation and Land Management Strategies

Published: Nov 04, 2022


The Conservancy has solicited this request for proposals to explore the full complement of alternatives to achieve more efficient management of its lands and seeks a framework, process, and sequencing of steps to accomplish this goal.

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Responses to Questions

What time is the proposal due on the December 9?

Proposals are due December 9 by close of business 5:00 p.m. PST.

Does the 5 percent Small Business preference apply only to Prime consultants?

Yes, if the Prime consultant is a small business, the preference will apply. Reference: SCM – TOC – 12 – 12-04

Will the points apply if a sub-contractor is a small business?

No, points will not apply if a sub-contractor is a small business.

Would a Small Business-Public Works (SM-PW) entity qualify as a Small Business?

No, the SM-PW does not qualify as a Small Business. FAQ section – New- Small Business for the Purpose of Public Works provides explanation on page 2.
Reference: (note, link will prompt a download from the website of the California Department of General Services)

Apply For or Re-apply as Small Business, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (

Attachment Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Declarations labeled attachment 7, is not included in the checklist. Do you want us to download and include that as well for a total of 10 attachments? 

Yes, please attached DVBE declarations.

The RFP states “Forms include the Bidder Declaration (DGS PD-05-105) and (DGS PD 843) DVBE Declarations located elsewhere in the solicitation, the Confirmation Letter/Form as described below…”. Can you provide these forms?

The Bidder Declaration form (DGS PD-05-105) can be found at:

The Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Declarations form (DGS PD 843) form can be found at:

Since the Conservancy will not accept alternate contract language can you confirm that “GTC 04/2017 –  General Terms and Conditions for non-IT services contracts except for Interagency Agreements. Effective 4/4/2017” is the contract being referred to?

Yes, please see the link below.

Please provide a copy of the Standard Agreement (STD 213) referred to on Attachment 2.

The Standard Agreement form (STD 213) can be found at: