Request for Proposals: Recreation and Land Management Strategies

Published: Nov 04, 2022

January 23, 2023 update: The Conservancy has announced an intention to award this contract to WRA, Inc.


The Conservancy has solicited this request for proposals to explore the full complement of alternatives to achieve more efficient management of its lands and seeks a framework, process, and sequencing of steps to accomplish this goal.

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Responses to Questions

What time is the proposal due on the December 9?

Proposals are due December 9 by close of business 5:00 p.m. PST.

Does the 5 percent Small Business preference apply only to Prime consultants?

Yes, if the Prime consultant is a small business, the preference will apply. Reference: SCM – TOC – 12 – 12-04

Will the points apply if a sub-contractor is a small business?

No, points will not apply if a sub-contractor is a small business.

Would a Small Business-Public Works (SM-PW) entity qualify as a Small Business?

No, the SM-PW does not qualify as a Small Business. FAQ section – New- Small Business for the Purpose of Public Works provides explanation on page 2.
Reference: (note, link will prompt a download from the website of the California Department of General Services)

Apply For or Re-apply as Small Business, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (

Attachment Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Declarations labeled attachment 7, is not included in the checklist. Do you want us to download and include that as well for a total of 10 attachments? 

Yes, please attached DVBE declarations.

The RFP states “Forms include the Bidder Declaration (DGS PD-05-105) and (DGS PD 843) DVBE Declarations located elsewhere in the solicitation, the Confirmation Letter/Form as described below…”. Can you provide these forms?

The Bidder Declaration form (DGS PD-05-105) can be found at:

The Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Declarations form (DGS PD 843) form can be found at:

Since the Conservancy will not accept alternate contract language can you confirm that “GTC 04/2017 –  General Terms and Conditions for non-IT services contracts except for Interagency Agreements. Effective 4/4/2017” is the contract being referred to?

Yes, please see the link below.

Please provide a copy of the Standard Agreement (STD 213) referred to on Attachment 2.

The Standard Agreement form (STD 213) can be found at: