Public Participation Guide for Conservancy Board Virtual Meetings 

The California Tahoe Conservancy may conduct business remotely as we comply with the State of California directives. The November 8, 2021 Conservancy Board meeting will be conducted using a virtual platform. Though there will be no physical meeting location for attendees, the Conservancy is committed to ensuring that our Board meetings are accessible to the public. The public is welcome to participate in the meeting by observing and by providing written and oral comments. The instructions below outline how members of the public can provide comment.

Board meetings will be conducted using Zoom Webinar. The virtual platform will be used to present presentations and verbal descriptions of the Board items. Information on how to join each Board meeting is located in that meeting’s agenda or in the detailed instructions below. Although we recommend you join by using the Zoom link, if you do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can follow the meeting by telephone only. Please do not use Zoom Webinar and the phone dial-in simultaneously because it causes audio feedback.

During this extraordinary time, and as we explore new ways of doing business and using new technologies, we ask that you remain patient with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out for technical support for technical issues at

How to Join Zoom

  • Visit to the Conservancy Board Meetings web page.
  • Navigate to the Conservancy Meetings 2021 section and select the current Board meeting. Here you will find the Zoom Webinar virtual meeting link on the current Board agenda.
  • You can join the meeting online or by telephone. Learn more about joining a Zoom meeting (external link).
  • The Conservancy recommends that you test your device, internet connection, and Zoom app compatibility well before attempting to join the meeting.
  • When prompted, provide your name and email address to be placed in the meeting. You will automatically be muted when joining as an attendee.
  • For any technical questions on the day of the meeting, please email Conservancy technical support at

Providing Public Comment

The public may provide comments for the Conservancy Board meeting in the following ways: 

Provide written comments to be sent to Board members

  • You may submit written comments to the Conservancy by sending an email to All such written comments will be part of the public record and shared with the Board but will not be read out loud during the Board meeting.

Provide written comments to be read aloud during the Board meeting

  • To have your written comment read aloud during the Board meeting, submit your comments using the Conservancy’s public comment form by 5:00 pm the day before the Board meeting.
  • Once you access this form, please select the option to “provide a written comment” and type the agenda item number for which you wish to comment.
  • You will then be prompted to type your written comment. If you want your name and/or organization included in the public record, please provide that information in the form.
  • Your comments will be limited to 3,000 words (or 3 minutes).

Provide oral comments

You may notify the Conservancy through the Conservancy’s public comment form that you would like to provide an oral comment at the Board meeting.

  • Once you access this form, please select the option to “provide an oral comment,” type the agenda item number for which you wish to comment, and provide your name, organization, and telephone number.
  • Public comment will be taken at the appropriate time during each agenda item and during the time allotted for public comment on items not on the agenda.
  • If you complete the public comment form, you will be called on in the order the comment requests were received. When you are called upon, you will be invited to unmute so that you can provide your comments. (If you have joined the meeting via telephone, you will need to then enter *6 on your phone keypad to unmute your line.)

If you want to provide oral comments on a specific agenda item and you did not complete the public comment form, you will need to “raise your hand” during the virtual meeting. (If you join the meeting via telephone only, you can enter *9 on your phone keypad to raise your hand virtually.)

    • You will remain muted until you are invited to provide your comment. You may then put your microphone back on mute or mute your telephone line by entering *6.
    • Once your hand is raised and it is your turn to speak, your microphone will be unmuted so you can provide your comments to the Board. Depending on how you have called in, you may also need to unmute yourself.
  • A speaker’s time allotment is at the discretion of the Chair. We ask the public to please limit comments to three minutes.
  • After you finish, your hand will be lowered and you will be placed back on mute.

It is strongly recommended, though not required, that public comments be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting so they can be compiled and read into the record if requested.

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