Forestry Program

The California Tahoe Conservancy’s Forestry Program is made up of the Community Forestry and Landscape Resilience Programs.

Within the nearly 4,700 Conservancy-owned parcels is approximately 5,500 acres of forested land, the majority of which is located within and adjacent to communities and infrastructure. The Community Forestry Program improves forest health and reduces risks from wildfire on these Conservancy lands. On adjacent lands, staff coordinates with fire agencies and other land managers for projects consistent with the Lake Tahoe Basin Forest Action Plan. This complementary work enhances community wildfire protection and reduces risks to Conservancy lands.

The Conservancy and its partners are increasingly shifting to large-landscape, multi-jurisdictional, multiple-benefit projects to more rapidly and comprehensively achieve resilience goals in the Basin. The Landscape Resilience Program convenes and collaboratively leads multiple landscape-wide partnerships that create efficiencies of scope and scale. In addition, the Landscape Resilience Program works to build capacity for forest management Basinwide.

Forestry Program Guidelines

The Conservancy’s forest management goals, procedures, and best practices.

Lake Tahoe Basin Forest Action Plan (2019)

This plan charts a path for collaboration across property boundaries to accelerate landscape restoration and community wildfire protection at Tahoe.

2023 Update to the Forest Action Plan

Updates on work since 2019 toward the Lake Tahoe Basin Forest Action Plan.

Managing Forest Health and Wildfire Risk on Conservancy Lands

How the Conservancy manages wildfire risk and forest resilience on its 4,700 properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

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