Conservancy Board Approves Two Stream Zone Acquisitions

Published: Jun 17, 2016

Kings Beach, Calif.—June 16, 2016—The California Tahoe Conservancy Board today approved $116,000 for the acquisition of two environmentally sensitive parcels; one on the banks of the Upper Truckee River in El Dorado County and the other along Snow Creek in Placer County. Both parcels are located in stream zones and provide quality habitat for wildlife and fish.

“The parcels were two of the last remaining private inholdings on streams that flow directly into Lake Tahoe,” said Larry Sevison, the Conservancy’s Chairman of the Board. “Bringing these parcels into public ownership will improve overall management of the watershed, preserve open space, and provide opportunities for dispersed recreation.”

The owners of both parcels are willing sellers.

At the same meeting, Conservancy staff provided an overview of its budget for the next year, as approved by the State Legislature. The budget includes $3,556,000 to support new Conservancy program activities and Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) implementation. Staff also provided an update on last year’s accomplishments and priorities for next year. Finally, the Board approved nearly $2 million to manage Conservancy properties and plan for future projects during the next year.