Seasonal Closure at Upper Truckee Marsh

Published: Apr 01, 2011

Photo of Red-Winged-Blackbird

Tahoe Conservancy Announces Seasonal Closure at Upper Truckee Marsh

South Lake Tahoe – In 2001, the California Tahoe Conservancy purchased 311 acres at the mouth of the Upper Truckee River in the City of South Lake Tahoe. The Conservancy purchased the property, known as the Upper Truckee Marsh, as part of a comprehensive strategy to restore and enhance the largest wetland habitat in the Tahoe Basin. The Conservancy manages the Upper Truckee Marsh property to promote the following objectives:

  • Preserve the qualities of this unique alpine marsh;
  • Preserve, restore, and enhance natural resources, critical habitat, and biological processes; and
  • Enhance outdoor recreation opportunities, consistent with natural resource protection.

To advance these objectives, in July 2010, the Conservancy Board adopted a resolution prohibiting dogs within the Upper Truckee Marsh from May 1 through July 31, beginning in 2011 (see enclosed map for location of affected areas). The purpose of the seasonal dog prohibition is to keep dogs out of sensitive wildlife areas during breeding season. The Upper Truckee Marsh provides critical breeding habitat, including that for special status and threatened and endangered species.

The seasonal dog prohibition will be enforced by the El Dorado County Sheriff and Animal Services. Compliance will also be monitored by Conservancy staff. Beginning August 1, 2011 dogs will be permitted access to the Upper Truckee Marsh property, provided they are on leash. The Conservancy owned Cove East property, west of the river, remains open for year-round, leashed dog access.

The California Tahoe Conservancy’s mission is to preserve, protect, restore, enhance and sustain the unique significant natural resources and recreational opportunities in the Lake Tahoe Basin.