Tahoe Conservancy to Host Community Meeting on Housing Solutions at the Y

Published: Nov 21, 2019
South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

The California Tahoe Conservancy and its State and local partners invite the public to a community meeting to discuss opportunities to help address the housing crisis in South Lake Tahoe:

Community Meeting
Housing Solutions at the South Tahoe “Y”
6:30-8:30 pm, December 11, 2019
South Tahoe High School, South Lake Tahoe (Student Union – Fallen Leaf Lake Room)

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations please contact info@tahoe.ca.gov. Five days advance notice of need for accommodations is requested. Kids are welcome.

The Housing Crisis Hurts South Shore Families
According to a study by the Tahoe Prosperity Center, homes, both rental and ownership, are becoming less affordable for local South Lake Tahoe residents.

  • The household income needed to afford the median-priced home in the South Shore is between $110,000 to $130,000. The actual median income for a South Shore household is $68,000.
  • The percentage of residents occupying homes they own is dropping.
  • Half of employers surveyed have had employees leave or refuse job offers because they could not find suitable housing.
  • Local affordable rental apartment complexes such as the Aspens and Sierra Gardens have waiting lists of over 150 households.

Conservancy Role
The Conservancy is a state agency, established in 1984, with a mission to lead California’s efforts to restore and enhance the extraordinary natural and recreational resources of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Based on a significant multi-agency collaborative effort underway to address housing affordability at Tahoe, the Conservancy is partnering with the California Department of General Services (DGS) and Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to explore opportunities to provide housing on multiple sites in South Lake Tahoe. This includes two parcels along Lake Tahoe Boulevard and Tata Lane. Both properties are subject to the City of South Lake Tahoe’s Tahoe Valley Area Plan.

Tahoe is receiving additional support and capacity from DGS and HCD following Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order to make some types of state land available to develop affordable housing.

Your Input is Critical
The Conservancy and its State and local partners want your input on the most needed community benefits and to get your feedback on the community engagement process for affordable housing development.

  • What defines a community for you?
  • What attracted you to Tahoe and keeps you here?
  • What community benefits are most needed here?
  • What amenities are missing from the neighborhood around these Conservancy properties?

About These Conservancy Properties
The Conservancy acquired the 9.75-acre parcel at 1860 Lake Tahoe Boulevard and the 1.6-acre parcel at 1029 Tata Lane in 1989. At the time of acquisition, the Conservancy and the City of South Lake Tahoe envisioned that the non-sensitive portions of both properties could be used for purposes consistent with the future area plan.

In contrast with most of its nearly 4,700 properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Conservancy Board has designated 1860 Lake Tahoe Boulevard and 1029 Tata Lane as “asset lands” that could support sustainable development consistent with local area plans.

Conservancy Asset Lands near the South Tahoe Y

About the Tahoe Valley Area Plan
The Area Plan was created by the City of South Lake Tahoe with community members and stakeholders at the planning table. This plan reflects the community’s vision for its future. These Conservancy properties at 1860 Lake Tahoe Boulevard and 1029 Tata Lane are located in the Area Plan’s Town Center Mixed Use Corridor. Allowable uses include a rich mixture of retail, service, public facility, recreation, entertainment, and housing organized in a compact development pattern, creating an aesthetically-pleasing and safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and automobile drivers.

Contact Conservancy Staff

  • Kevin Prior, (530) 543-6016, kevin.prior@tahoe.ca.gov
  • Aimee Rutledge, (530) 307-3380, aimee.rutledge@tahoe.ca.gov