Request for Proposal: PDF Remediation

Published: Aug 16, 2019

November 12, 2019

Contract #CTA 19 002 | PDF Remediation

Notice of Intent to Award Contract

Notice is hereby given that the California Tahoe Conservancy intends to award this contract to:

Technology Crest Corporation
2377 Gold Meadow Way, Suite 100
Gold River, CA 95670

Any questions regarding the proposed award of bid should be directed to: Sue Ewbank, Procurement Analyst,, 530-543-6025

Sue Ewbank,
Procurement Analyst

The California Tahoe Conservancy (Conservancy) seeks proposals to remediate PDF documents for the Conservancy website in accordance with California’s Assembly Bill 434, such that the PDF documents comply with Level AA success criteria found in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, or a subsequent version, published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium. Proposals are due by September 27, 2019.

View the full Request for Proposals (RFP).

Answers to Questions Received

  1. P. 4 of the RFP states that we are to submit our response by email; however, p. 4 also states that documents must bear an original signature. Please confirm that because we are submitting by email, a digital signature is acceptable.
    A digital signature is acceptable.
  2. Page 18 DVBE Subcontractor Incentive Instructions, row 5 states, “If the incentive is claimed, indicate so on the Required Attachment/ Certification Checklist (Attachment 2).” In what section of Attachment 2 do we indicate this? It is our understanding that in section 14 B) of Attachment 2, we check YES only if we (the bidder) are a certified DVBE. Are we required to check YES in section 14 B)? If we are not a DVBE but have DVBE subcontractors (& attach copies of their certificates)? Please clarify.
    Attachment 2 is for the Proposer/Bidder certification only. Section 14 is the Proposer/Bidder Certification information only. SB/DVBE Subcontractor information is in Attachment 6, 6a and 6b.
  3. page 9 states that a 3 percent DVBE participation is required. Please confirm that the DVBE participation is a requirement and not an incentive. If it is a requirement, and we are unable to find a DVBE that can perform the scope of work, is our response still eligible to acquire the contract?
    This contract does have the DVBE requirement. If you are unable to find a DCBE subcontractor, please contact the Office of Small Business and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise at
  4. Do we need to propose a team in our proposal with their resumes?
    While not mandatory, we welcome information about the team behind the proposal. This could include names and resumes, or titles and job descriptions, for example.
  5. Is the project onsite or can be done remotely?
    The project must be completed remotely.
  6. We found total 133 PDF Documents, where as it says 180 PDFs. Can you please clarify?
    The Conservancy seeks remediation of 180 PDFs on its site, not all of which have links.
  7. Should we provide government references or commercial references are okay?
    If you have government references, especially State of California agencies, please include them. Commercial references are also acceptable.
  8. Is there an incumbent for this project?
  9. Page 18 DVBE Subcontractor Incentive Instructions, row 5 states, “complete Attachment 11a identifying each DVBE subcontractor that will be used” and “for each subcontractor identified on Attachment 11a, obtain a completed and signed Small Business/ DVBE Subcontractor/Supplier Acknowledgement (Attachment 11b). It is our understanding that in RFP CTA 19 002 PDF Remediation, Attachment 11a is Attachment 6a and Attachment 11b is Attachment 6b. Please confirm.
    The DVBE Subcontractor Incentive Request is Attachment 6a (Page 19). The SB/DVBE Subcontractor/Supplier Acknowledgement (Which is signed by the subcontractor) is Attachment 6b.
  10. As per ATTACHMENT 3 SAMPLE COST PROPOSAL WORKSHEET, for task/activity (as outlined in exhibit A-1), there were task 1, task 2 and task 3, can you please elaborate what are those tasks since the RFP section “Exhibit A-1 Scope of Work Detail” does not provide specific tasks with numbering.
    The Cost Proposal Worksheet is just a sample of how your proposal could be laid out. You are not required to use it. Exhibit A-1 will be the guide for the Cost Proposal.
  11. With reference to “The Conservancy website hosts approximately 180 PDF files, nearly all of which are in need of remediation” from Exhibit A-1 Scope of Work Detail, can we know the total number of pages from all the 180 files?
    Total page count is approximately 5,830 pages.
  12. Is this bid applicable to only DVBE firms? Is this bid applicable to only Small Business firms? Is this bid applicable to both SB/DVBE firms? Can a firm with only small business certification bid on this one?
    This bid is applicable to both SB and DVBE and both are encouraged to submit a bid.
  13. Because we are on the CA SLP do our resellers need to submit on our behalf or will you be able to purchase directly from our firm?
    The SLP is only applicable to purchasing software licenses. See #4 and #7 on this FAQ: