Conservancy Elects New Board Chair, Vice Chair

Published: Dec 08, 2017

South Lake Tahoe, Calif. The California Tahoe Conservancy Board yesterday elected Brooke Laine as Board Chair, replacing longtime Chair Larry Sevison. Ms. Laine serves on the City Council of South Lake Tahoe and is the City’s appointee to the Conservancy Board of Directors. The Board also elected Lynn Suter as Vice Chair, filling a post vacated by former Conservancy Board Member John Hooper earlier this year.
“Larry Sevison has been an icon at the California Tahoe Conservancy for decades. I am honored to build upon his legacy and the Conservancy‘s history of accomplishments on important environmental projects and programs in the Tahoe basin,” said Laine.

At the same meeting, the Board approved a $68,191 contract with the University of California, Davis to restore sugar pine trees in areas of the north shore that have suffered high tree mortality due to prolonged drought and associated pine beetle activity. UC Davis staff, led by Pat Maloney, Associate Director of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, will plant over 6,000 local and genetically diverse sugar pine seedlings on 120 acres of public lands from Kings Beach to Ward Canyon. UC Davis has also secured $33,000 from the Tahoe Fund to plant seedlings on private lands and conduct public outreach.