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Lake Valley and Washoe Meadows Land Transfer

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Map of Lake Valley Transfer

Map of Washoe Meadows Transfer

Transaction Details

033-010-20_Title and Deed   and   033-010-20_Easements


033 180 06 Policy Title and Deed


033-180-21_Title and Deed   and   033-180-21_Easements

033-412-04 Policy Title and Deed

033-581-25 Policy Title and Deed

034-791-01 Policy Title and Deed

034-802-01 Policy Title and Deed





Proposition 1 Grant Guidelines 2015



Dollar Property and Rubicon Land Exchange

The Dollar Property and Rubicon exchange is part of a larger comprehensive effort to consolidate ownerships in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Many of these Conservancy properties were originally acquired with the purpose of transferring them to State Parks.

The 2012/13 California Budget Act, Stats 2012, Section 21 (the Budget Act), contains language directing the California Natural Resources Agency, in coordination with California Tahoe Conservancy (Conservancy) and California State Parks (State Parks), to execute an agreement to consolidate and exchange state lands and to share personnel, facilities and other resources to more effectively manage state-owned lands in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Other Conservancy properties including the California side of Van Sickle Bi-State Park, and particular parcels adjacent to Washoe Meadows State Park and Emerald Bay State Park will be transferred to State Parks at a future date.

Additional Materials:


Rubicon Map

Dollar Property Map

Draft Burton Creek/Dollar Property Trail Map

Burton Creek General Plan Summary