Create Defensible Space

Defensible Space is an area created around your home where the vegetation has been managed to reduce wildfire threat while also providing firefighters a working environment where they can protect your home from encroaching wildfires. It also improves the likelihood of a house surviving without assistance if firefighters are not available. Defensible space also aids in minimizing the chance that a fire in your home will escape to the surrounding wildland. The suggested perimeter is 100 feet away from your home or any structure on your property or to your property line if it’s closer. In some cases, the suggested perimeter could be up to 200 feet depending upon slope and vegetation types. In general, creating defensible space can include the removal of some trees, branches, brush, bushes, or other vegetation that is considered highly flammable or is not well-spaced or well-pruned. Defensible space has been proven worldwide to increase your home’s chances for surviving a wildfire.

Visit the Tahoe Fire & Fuels Team website to learn more about how defensible space can protect your home.