Bicyclist Rides on the South Tahoe Greenway

Tahoe Livable Communities Program

Tahoe-Wrecking Yard Before After Photos

The Conservancy purchased this wrecking yard (left) in 1985, restored the site (right) and transferred the development rights to less sensitive land.

The Tahoe Livable Communities Program (TLC) could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, restore environmentally sensitive lands and help revitalize the Lake Tahoe Basin’s urban centers. TLC will refocus the Conservancy’s land acquisition and marketable right programs to:

1) Acquire and restore aging developed properties on environmentally sensitive lands and retire or transfer the development rights to town centers;

2) Sell, lease, or exchange vacant Conservancy land in these town centers

3) Acquire the remaining private properties in several of Lake Tahoe’s roadless subdivisions to remove the threat of development.

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