Land Management & Acquisition

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Since 1985, the Conservancy has acquired environmentally sensitive lands and parcels for public access, stream environment zone and wildlife protection purposes. The Conservancy owns and manages more than 6,500 acres of land throughout the California side of the Basin, mostly comprised of small parcels.

Managing the Conservancy’s numerous properties is a complex task. Most parcels are no bigger than 1/3 of an acre and are scattered throughout developed areas, creating the potential for conflicts between open space and residential uses.

Map of Conservancy Checkerboard Ownership Meyers

Conservancy ownership (orange) in Meyers on the south shore.

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Owns and manages nearly 4,700 parcels
  • Completed more than 90,700 parcel inspections
  • Resolved over 500 encroachments
  • Implemented more than 500 resource restoration projects
  • Removed over 4,258 hazard trees
  • Over 2,025 parcels have been treated for fuels reduction and forest habitat enhancement.

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