Land Bank Program Inventory And Price List (Land Coverage And Restoration Credit)

November 1, 2018

(Per square foot)
South StatelinePotential
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 4-7)
112,107 sf$6.00
(receiving parcels <726 IPES or Bailey 1-3)
4,983 sf$25.00
Upper TruckeePotential
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 4-7)
1,896,852 sf$6.00
(receiving parcels <726 IPES or Bailey 1-3)
45,650 sf$25.00
Emerald BayPotential
(receiving parcels must be located within Fallen Leaf Lake Planned Unit Development)
2,185 sf$25.00
McKinney BayPotential
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 5-7)
9,925 sf$10.00
(receiving parcels <726 IPES or Bailey 1-3)
126 sf$25.00
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 5-7)
1,129 sf$15.00
Tahoe CityPotential
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 4-7)
6,368,222 sf$10.00
(receiving parcels <726 IPES or Bailey 1-3)
357,159 sf$25.00
Agate BayPotential
(receiving parcels >725 IPES or Bailey 4-7)
425,042 sf$10.00
(receiving parcels <726 IPES or Bailey 1-3)
86,979 sf$25.00
Coverage in any California Hydrologic AreaRestored Soft
(receiving parcels IPES >725 or Bailey 4-7)
5,115 sf$25.00
California Hydrologic AreasSEZ Restoration Credit
(Bailey 1b)
23,512 sf$25.00
California Hydrologic AreasClass 1-3 Restoration Credit
(Bailey 1a, 1c, 2, 3)
3,227 sf$25.00
California Hydrologic AreasRestored Class 1-3 Coverage
(receiving parcels in all hydro areas
>725 IPES or Bailey 4-7)
*See TRPA Code of Ordinances, Ch 30 for special transfer requirements.
7,313 sf$25.00
  • Pursuant to Government Code section 66907.8, the Conservancy may sell any real property interest to fulfill the purposes of its enabling legislation and to promote the state’s planning priorities.
  • The Conservancy reserves development rights and coverage not listed on our site that are available for sale for uses to fulfill our statutory purposes and to promote the state’s planning priorities, consistent with Water Code section 79707(i), including for use on Conservancy asset lands and in town centers. Please call us for more sale information.

Sale Requirements

A limited supply of rights is for sale by the California Tahoe Conservancy’s Land Bank Program on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin. The Land Bank Program provides rights to the following broad market categories: Open Market Sales (residential and commercial projects), Public Service projects, Conservancy projects, Excess Coverage Mitigation, and Memorandums of Understandings with other agencies. If a project is cancelled, the inventory increases. If a project uses rights, the rights are removed from the inventory.

Sale Prices

Posted sale prices are valid through March 1, 2019. Sale price is secured and agreed upon at the time a Purchase and Sale Agreement is signed.


  • Applicant must submit with the complete application package:
    • $350 administrative transaction fee by check or money order made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy;
  • After Conservancy Staff review, applicant will submit to open escrow:
    • Signed Purchase and Sale Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions;
    • Choice of either: a 10% total purchase price deposit, or the full purchase; and
    • $200 escrow fee per right. (Up to and including transactions totaling $150,000. If the transaction exceeds $150,000, additional fees may apply. This escrow fee is non-refundable if Buyer does not meet certain escrow terms.)
    • Restoration Credit transactions do not involve an escrow; therefore, there is no escrow fee.

California Environmental Quality Act Fee

The Conservancy must have a complete application to evaluate the project under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Find more information regarding CEQA.

Pursuant to CEQA, the Conservancy is required to individually evaluate whether a project will cause a direct physical change in the environment or a reasonably foreseeable indirect change in the environment, and to avoid or mitigate those impacts. Your project may be exempt, or could require the preparation and approval of an environmental document (EIR, MND, or ND). Even if your project is exempt under CEQA, certain activities may require additional environmental review. (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 14, § 15300.2.)

The Conservancy Board must take an action if a project requires an environmental document. The Conservancy holds Board meetings as needed, four to six times per year. Please allow an additional three to five months to complete this type of transaction. As mentioned above, the buyer shall pay a $2,500 fee for transactions requiring an environmental document, made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy, in addition to the above-referenced standard administrative transaction fee.

Purchase Eligibility / Prequalification

There are restrictions on purchaser eligibility, use, and transfer of the marketable right. The Conservancy reserves the right to disqualify applicants who do not meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • There must be an active project.
  • The project must comply with TRPA Code.
  • All transfers are subject to all applicable government entity approval.
  • Complete applications are required (see below).

Timeline To Acquire Rights

Transactions typically take three weeks, but must be completed within four months. Extension fees are required to extend the escrow. Transactions cannot exceed one year.

Conservancy Transaction Fees

Type of Transaction FeeType of Coverage TransactionPrice
Transaction FeeAll$350
Escrow FeeAll$200
California Environmental Quality Act Fee
(If applicable. See above.)


Land Coverage Application, Restoration Credit Application

Submit a complete application and transaction fee via mail or in person to:

California Tahoe Conservancy
Attention: Land Bank Program
1061 Third Street
South Lake Tahoe, California 96150

Application must be complete at time of submittal. A complete application includes:

  • Grant Deed;
  • Site Plan must contain the following:
    • Assessor’s Parcel Number;
    • IPES/Bailey score;
    • Area of property;
    • Allowable Base Coverage;
    • Maximum Allowable Coverage with Transfer;
    • Existing Coverage (if any);
    • Proposed On-Site Coverage;
  • TRPA, City, or County conditional permit OR application;
  • TRPA allocation:
    • In advance for new residential construction in City of South Lake Tahoe or El Dorado County;
    • For Placer County, applicant provides TRPA allocation after building permit issuance;
  • IPES/Bailey score (additional info requested, if applicable):
    • TRPA data if parcel contains Stream Environment Zone;
    • TRPA Determination of Allowable Coverage if greater than 1/3 acre;
    • TRPA Verification of new Placer County IPES score if less than 726;
    • Bailey score – submit copy of verification or assessment;
  • $350 administrative transaction fee, made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy (submit with application); and
  • $2,500 additional fee for projects requiring an environmental document, made payable to the California Tahoe Conservancy. (Submit with application, if applicable).


Consultation is available during the Land Bank Front Counter hours. The Land Bank front counter is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon. You may also email questions to or call our main line at (530) 542-5580.

Contact the Conservancy for current terms and conditions. The Conservancy reserves the right to withdraw, postpone, or otherwise modify the provisions of this announcement prior to concluding any sale of rights.