Explore Tahoe Visitor Center

Explore Tahoe Visitor Center

A coordinated network of interpretive and educational facilities helps residents and visitors learn about the connection between their behavior and the sustainability of Lake Tahoe’s environment. Having a visitor information facility and services in an area of concentrated public provides an unparalleled opportunity to orient visitors to the special features, requirements and opportunities that abound in the Tahoe Basin.

Located in the Heavenly Village Center at the state line in South Lake Tahoe, Explore Tahoe – An Urban Trailhead, combined a mass transportation hub with an outdoor recreational visitor’s center. It affords a unique opportunity to reach a diverse population of visitors, many of whom might not otherwise seek out an out an interpretive experience.


Explore Tahoe welcomes, educates and transports its guests to outdoor recreational and cultural activities available around the south end of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Its unique glass paving, sculptures, murals and features entice urban visitors into the facility and shares information to encourage them out into Tahoe’s outdoor amenities.

The interpretive programs found at Explore Tahoe, and the combination of indoor, outdoor, sensory, static and interactive exhibits, encourage participants’ learning and imagination. The center’s key messages highlight the importance of protecting Lake Tahoe’s natural resources while recreating and it helps visitors choose mass transit a part of outdoor recreation excursions.