Brockway Erosion Control Project

Project Details

Brockway Erosion Control Project

The Brockway Erosion Control Project (Project) is located in the Brockway Subdivision, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Placer County. This Project is a high priority because it treats numerous sources of pollutants, including fine sediment particles that are transported to Lake Tahoe. Large expanses of heavily-utilized impervious surfaces produce significant volumes of stormwater runoff and pollutants. These impervious surfaces, combined with steep slopes and slow infiltration rates, exacerbate erosion, resulting in significant transport of pollutants to Lake Tahoe during storm events.


The Brockway Watershed (Watershed) straddles the California-Nevada state line, producing stormwater runoff from urban development in both states. Development within the Watershed includes privately-owned businesses and residences, State Route 28, and county streets, producing significant volumes of runoff. Separate treatment of stormwater runoff from various sources is impractical. The Project was therefore developed to address all flows, leading to a shared funding strategy between the States and a major private landowner.


The Project, in coordination with the adjacent Boulder Bay development, will capture and treat sediment and other pollutants that now drain directly into Lake Tahoe. Project components include: sediment source controls, paved roadways, stabilized stormwater conveyances, enhanced stream environment zones, infiltration facilities on County and Conservancy-owned lands, and improved access to Speedboat Beach. This Project will greatly reduce fine sediment particle loading to Lake Tahoe.


Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2011 and will be completed in the fall of 2012.