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Board Materials

The Conservancy holds Board meetings as needed, four to six times a year.

The next Conservancy Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 11. The meeting will be held at Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Agendas are posted 10 days prior to the meeting. Click here if you’d like to receive the Conservancy board agenda via e-mail.


To View Prior Years Board Meeting Materials, CLICK HERE

 2018 Board Meeting Materials

A limited number of copies of agenda items are available at our meetings. We encourage you to print the agenda item(s) you are interested in to assure that you have the reference material you desire.  Thank you. 

Previous 2018 Meetings

August 8, 2018
Item 2a. Approval of Minutes (Resolution 18-08-01)
Item 2b. Approval of Board Agenda (Resolution 18-08-02)
Item 3. Executive Director’s Report
Item 5. Introduction to Board Tablet Computers
Attachment 1 – Process for the Board Tablets
Attachment 2 – Adobe Reader Users Guide
Item 6a. Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association Corporation Yard Relocation Project
Staff Recommendation
Attachment 1 – Resolution 18-08-03
Attachment 2 – Project Map
Attachment 3 – CEQA CD
o Notice of Intent
o Amended Notice of Intent
o Initial Study/Negative Declaration
Part 1
Part 2
o Initial Study/Negative Declaration Appendices
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Attachment 4 – Notice of Determination
o Exhibit A – CEQA Map
 Item 6b. Good Neighbor Authority Supplemental Project Agreement with the U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Staff Recommendation
Attachment 1 – Resolution 18-08-04
Attachment 2a – Location Map – North
Attachment 2b – Location Map – West
Attachment 2c – Location Map – South
Attachment 3 – Notice of Exemption
o Exhibit A – CEQA Map – North
o Exhibit B – CEQA Map – West
o Exhibit C – CEQA Map – South
 Item 6c. Greenway Shared Use Trail Project Phase 1b and 2
Staff Recommendation
Attachment 1 – Resolution 18-08-05
Attachment 2 – Project Map
Item 7a. Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan Update
Item 7b. Kings Beach State Recreation Area General Plan Revision and Pier Rebuild Project Update
Attachment 1 – Project Map
Attachment 2 – Preferred Alternative Illustration Map
Item 8a. 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Update
Item 10a. Potential Agenda Items for the October 11 Board Meeting


June 21, 2018
Item 3a – April Meeting Minutes (Resolution 18-06-01)
Item 3b – Approval of Board Agenda (Resolution 18-06-02)
Item 4 – Executive Director’s Report
Item 6a – Dollar Creek Forest Health and Biomass Project
Item 6b – Kings Beach Town Center Residential Development    Rights Sale
 Attachment 4 – Addendum
Item 6c – Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Annual Program Budget Authorization
Item 7c – Proposition 68 Update
Item 8a – 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Update
Item 10a – Potential Agenda Items for the August 9th Board Meeting
April 26, 2018
Item 2a – March Meeting Minutes (Resolution 18-04-01)
Item 2b – Approval of Board Agenda (Resolution 18-04-02)
Item 3 – Executive Director’s Report
Item 5a – Bijou Park Creek Restoration Priority Acquisitions
Item 6a –  Update of Conservancy Asset Lands at 1860 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, 1029 Tata Lane, and 833 Emerald Bay Road
Item 6b – US 50/South Shore Community Revitalization Project
Item 7a – Operations Committee Items
Item 8a – Potential Agenda Items for the June 21 Board Meeting
Item 10a – 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Update

March 1, 2018 – POSTPONED (Agenda)
March 14, 2018 – Agenda *NEW* – REVISED
Item 2 – December Meeting Minutes
Item 3 – Executive Director’s Report
Item 5a – Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act Round 16 Cold Creek Fuel Hazard Reduction Project
Item 6a – Greenway Shared Use Trail Phases 1b & 2 Project
Item 6b – Lake Tahoe Science and Lake Improvement Account Awards

Item 6c – Caltrans Climate Change Adaptation Planning Grant

Item 6d – Conservancy Executive Director Compensation

Item 7a – Land Transfer Requests and Potential Updates to Guidelines

Item 7b – 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan Update

Item 9a – Potential Agenda Items for the April 26 Board Meeeting