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Board Materials

The Conservancy holds Board meetings as needed, four to six times a year, and typically on the third Thursday of the month.

The next Conservancy Board Meeting is at 9:30 AM Thursday, March 16. Location to be announced.

Agendas are posted 10 days prior to the meeting.

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 2017 Board Meeting Materials

A limited number of copies of agenda items are available at our meetings. We encourage you to print the agenda item(s) you are interested in to assure that you have the reference material you desire.  Thank you.

January 13th, 2017

Agenda January 13, 2017

6a. Update On Potential Conservancy Board Conflicts Of Interest

Attachment 1 – Government Code § 1099

Attachment 2 – Government Code § 66906.1

Attachment 3 – Public Resources Code § 33321

6b. Status Of Projects And Partnerships With The City Of South Lake Tahoe

Attachment 1 – Site Improvement Grant List

Attachment 2 – Acquisition Grant List

Attachment 3 – Active License Agreements

Attachment 4 – Project Site – Upper Truckee Marsh Airport Noise Monitors

Attachment 5 – Project Site – Bike Park And Disc Golf Areas

7a. South Tahoe Greenway Shared-Use Trail Project

Attachment 1 – Resolution 17-01-01

Attachment 2 – Project Location – South Tahoe Greenway Shared-Use Trail Project

Attachment 3 – Land Exchange Map – South Greenway Phase 1b & 2 Project

Attachment 4 – MOU Framework

Attachment 5 – Project Partners

Attachment 6 – Updated Appraisal Summary

Attachment 7 – Maintenance and Management Costs

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